IPTV M3U Playlist 2023

IPTV M3U Playlist 2023

IPTV M3U Playlist [ 2023] – Free IPTV Links and URLs

IPTV [Internet Protocol Television] is a well-known term for TV streamers to watch their favorite TV channels at a low price or for free on any device. Most IPTVs offer live TV channels and on-demand titles, including movies, series, and TV shows of the best quality. By default, you will not find any dedicated channels on IPTV. Instead, the M3U links or URLs, IPTV M3U Playlist, are the tools to stream the IPTV content. You require an M3U file to stream movies, TV shows, and videos on your streaming device.

To access the M3U links, you have to install the IPTV Player on your Android, Firestick, or other streaming devices to watch the content through M3U URL. To stream the best titles, you require the working M3U links. You will learn more about IPTV M3U Playlist, URLs, and links, along with the best M3U links.


What is an M3U Playlist?

An M3U Playlist is a set of streaming links to watch content through the internet. In other words, you will find many streaming links or channels with the M3U playlist. M3U represents the file extension, and it is referred to as Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator. The file uses non-Unicode encoding. If the extension is M3U8, it means the file is UTF-8 encoded.

Some of the most common IPTV M3U players are Kodi, VLC, Perfect Player, IPTV Smarters Players, etc. All of the other IPTV players support the M3U playlist URL. Most IPTV Player apps are available in the Google Play Store for free installation. You can also download them as an Apk file on your streaming device.

Is IPTV legal?

The common questions for everyone regarding IPTV are Are IPTV legit, Is IPTV legal, Is IPTV safe to use, and many more. You can not come to a conclusion about these types of questions due to the change in policy in each country. The best solution for this is to get a VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN for streaming the IPTV without providing the IP addresses and personal data to others.

Best IPTV M3U Playlists

The working IPTV M3U Playlist URLs of different genres for an unlimited streaming experience are:


You can stream live TV and shows with the IPTV M3U video playlists below.

  • http://bit.ly/2C3Pv5K
  • https://bit.ly/3QJV5lX
  • https://bit.ly/3XlIAPZ
  • https://bit.ly/3WjcTFB
  • https://bit.ly/3QMIONo
  • https://bit.ly/3HczEqh
  • https://bit.ly/2Cmk6zn
  • https://bit.ly/3HyQbnz
  • https://bit.ly/3HCTkCF


For the best movies, you shall use the below m3u playlist links.

  • https://bit.ly/3J521bc
  • https://bit.ly/3CXBwRf
  • http://bit.ly/3EZtXuM
  • http://bit.ly/tvypelism3u


Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings using the below m3u URLs.

  • https://bit.ly/3CXqQlP
  • https://bit.ly/3wdinqG
  • https://bit.ly/3WdqfTO
  • https://bit.ly/3ZMnxaX
  • https://bit.ly/361BWVr
  • https://bit.ly/3jFLi3Y


The below M3U URL links will help you stream various sports channels and events.

  • https://bit.ly/3HesHVM
  • https://bit.ly/3ZDO0HH
  • https://bit.ly/3WnODSC
  • https://bit.ly/3GP0SSH
  • https://bit.ly/361BWVr
  • https://bit.ly/3XFsvnM
  • https://bit.ly/3Xhby3i
  • https://bit.ly/3Wkqigv
  • https://bit.ly/3XkOXmA
  • https://bit.ly/3XzGRpS
  • https://bit.ly/3CWPtyY
  • https://bit.ly/3lcIWKw


There are M3U playlists available for listening to your favorite tracks.

  • https://bit.ly/3kdi0tt
  • http://bit.ly/_TVMEX
  • https://bit.ly/3SgaBq4
  • https://bit.ly/3ZIj0WK
  • https://bit.ly/3jFPyk1


There are some M3U playlist links to keep kids entertained.

  • https://bit.ly/3WlUgAG
  • https://bit.ly/3QRS6Tmf


  • 500+ Radio Stations – https://bit.ly/3XBLAHr
  • https://bit.ly/3ZIjGeU
  • https://bit.ly/3QPsZFC


  • https://bit.ly/3Wiv5iK
  • https://bit.ly/2Cwk6zn -Stream 2000+ worldwide IPTV channels
  • https://bit.ly/3laMp0F
  • https://bit.ly/3YdxoW8
  • https://bit.ly/3jCkthd
  • https://bit.ly/3RBModM
  • https://bit.ly/3DEyul9


The M3U playlists are categorized by country as mentioned below and are available on GitHub (https://bit.ly/3XkQbyc).

How to Install M3U Player on Android Devices

You can install the IPTV M3U Playlist loader on an Android device from the Google Play Store.

1. Unlock your Android device and go to the Google Play Store.

2. Search for the IPTV Player (for ex: Rayo IPTV) and choose the app from the suggestions.

Select IPTV Rayo to stream IPTV M3U Playlist

3. Select Install to download the IPTV Player from the Play Store.

Install IPTV Rayo

4. Click Open to launch the IPTV Rayo on the Android device.

5. Select Start and tap the Use Your Playlist URL option in the IPTV Player.

6. Provide the M3U Playlist URL and click Add Playlist.

Enter the M3U Playlist

7. Now, start streaming the content on your Android device.

Important Note: If the app is unavailable in the Play Store, you can download them through the Apk file. You have to enable the Unknown Sources on the device before installing the apk file.

Select Unknown Sources

How to Stream M3U Playlist

You need to convert the M3U Playlist to stream the content. The below steps will help you convert an m3u playlist URL with the help of the VLC media player.

1. Copy the M3U URL of your choice.

2. Download the VLC Media Player from the official site (If unavailable on your PC).

3. Launch VLC Player on your PC and select the Media tab from the main menu.

4. Choose Open Network Stream, and on the pop-up, select Network.

Select Open Network Stream to convert IPTV M3U Playlists

5. Go ahead and paste the URL you have copied. Click Convert.

6. Select audio-video codecs and subtitles in the prompt.

7. Click Start and wait for the process to end.

How to Create an IPTV M3U Playlist

You can generate your own IPTV M3U list or file if you have a compatible media player. It can be done with the help of the VLC Media Player.

1. Launch the VLC player and click the View tab from the menu.

2. Select Playlist or press Ctrl+L on your keyboard to browse the playlist.

Select Playlist

3. Right-click on the playlist and click Add File to add files or Add Folder to choose a folder.

4. Get back to the VLC home and select the Media tab to choose the Playlist.

Choose Playlists

5. On the pop-up, enter the file name and location. Further, select the M3U file format on the File extension option.

6. Finally, select the Save option, and now you have created your m3u playlist successfully.

How to Add M3U Playlist URL to VLC Media player

1. Open the VLC Media Player on your respective device and click the Menu at the top.

2. Scroll down and select the Stream option on the left side menu.

Tip: On your PC, click on Media > select the Stream option.

Select Stream to stream IPTV M3U Playlists

3. Copy the M3U Playlist URL that you want to stream on VLC Media Player.

4. Paste the M3U URL in the Network Address box on the streaming section.

5. Press Enter. Now, the media contents will get loaded, and you can stream the M3U files on your streaming device.

Pros and Cons of the M3U Playlist

Pros of M3U Playlists Cons of M3U Playlists
M3U Playlist is an open-source file format. The file type is complicated, which makes it harder to learn.
You can customize with add-ons anytime. M3U Players that come for free have limited functionality.
It provides you with an interface where you can choose between paid or free streaming services. Introducing unofficial add-ons may cause security concerns.

When comparing IPTV M3U Playlists with other services, you can enjoy streaming the content at less price. You can access many movies, series, and TV shows of high streaming quality using the M3U URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How do M3U Playlists work?

M3U Playlists provides the audio and video files so that your media player can arrange them for playback on any streaming device.

(2) How to import IPTV Channels from M3U Playlists?

To import IPTV Channels from M3U Playlists, You can go to IPTV Channels > Import from M3U > Add File > upload the channel list file in “.m3u” format.

(3) How to use IPTV M3U Playlists on Kodi?

Launch your Kodi app and select Settings > Add-ons > Install from repository > PVR Clients > PVR IPTV Simple Client > Install. After the installation is done, open Settings > Add-ons > Install from repository > PVR Clients > PVR IPTV Simple Client > Configure > M3U Play List URL > enter the M3U URL > OK. Restart your Kodi and select TV > Channels. You can see all the available channels from the IPTV M3U Playlist.

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